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Federal Government Review of Cyber Security Strategy

CyberCX welcomes the federal government’s renewed focus and prioritisation of cyber security.

This is an opportune moment to reassess the current state of cyber to ensure Australia is heading in the right direction.

Many would acknowledge that the cyber security landscape has changed dramatically since the first government strategy rolled out in 2016, with further substantial changes since the 2020 iteration.

The threat landscape has significantly deteriorated, with the effects being felt by Australian businesses, households, and communities.

The acute cyber skills shortage is a large and growing challenge and while CyberCX is making a meaningful contribution to growing the cyber workforce through the CyberCX Academy, closer and deeper partnerships between industry and government are needed to close the gap.

The role of industry has evolved and matured, and we welcome government moves to recognise this.

It is vital that this process builds on the much-needed progress enacted in recent years to safeguard Australians, particularly the Security of Critical Infrastructure reforms.

We encourage government to take industry and broader stakeholders across cyber ecosystem along on the journey, providing clarity and certainty throughout this process.

CyberCX looks forward to working with government and industry to address our shared challenges in improving Australia’s cyber security posture and safeguarding the nation’s economic prosperity.



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