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Strategy and Consulting

Strategic guidance from the best multi-disciplined cyber security experts and industry leaders in the New Zealand and Australian cyber security market. We can help plan, implement and optimise your cyber security investments at scale, while providing insights to accelerate growth and profitability.


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Strategy and Consulting


Cyber security has never been more critical to building successful and resilient organisations. However, keeping your organisation’s most valuable assets protected is becoming more complex by the day. CyberCX Strategy and Consulting puts New Zealand’s leading cyber security experts by your side to help you navigate this complexity, minimising risk, improving resilience and creating value for your organisation.

Strategy and Consulting solutions

Secure your organisation while improving efficiency and revenue.


Reduce risks

Draw on the knowledge of New Zealand’s most experienced cyber security specialists to identify and manage risks to your business. Our advice is always anchored in the reality of New Zealand commerce and society.

Boost resilience

Gain the expertise and guidance to build fit for purpose cyber security into the fabric of your organisation, for greater resilience and adaptability to respond to evolving threats.

Accelerate growth

Identify and take advantage of opportunities to drive efficiency, growth and profitability from more streamlined and seamless cyber security practices.

End-to-end cyber security guidance at scale

Fortify your security. Seize your opportunities.

With decades of experience protecting industry and government in New Zealand and Australia, our experts understand your specific challenges and opportunities, and how to tackle them.

Get end-to-end guidance at enterprise scale, in a language you can understand. Whether you’re taking your first steps to plan a more secure business, or want more value from your existing investments, we’re with you every step of the way.


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Our cyber security solutions


Strategic Cyber Counsel

Navigate complexity with end-to-end guidance from New Zealand and Australia’s leading cyber security advisors, translating technology challenges into meaningful business outcomes, while helping you build resilience.

  • C-Suite and Board partnerships
  • Security transformation strategy
  • Breach reporting
  • Regulatory support and data sovereignty advisory
  • Global talent advisory and search

CISO as a Service

Engage a key senior-level executive capable of interpreting and translating complex technology and cyber issues into the language of business. Our CISOs are both digital and business natives, who are focused on effectively and efficiently managing cyber risk. We specialise in safeguarding and supporting:

  • Corporate brand and reputation
  • Cyber investment roadmaps
  • Strategic and operational cyber plans
  • Information assets and ICT systems
  • Data privacy and compliance
  • Partner/vendor negotiations and advisory

M&A Cyber Diligence

Avoid roadblocks, improve your success rate and make more confident investment and divestment decisions with meaningful, deal-relevant guidance.

  • Cross-border deal execution
  • M&A advisory
  • Analysis and investment pressure testing
  • Strategic blueprints

Secure Ecosystems

Anticipate and minimise risk from your partners, vendors, customers and stakeholders, improving your ecosystem design to ensure business continuity.

  • Legal and advisory services to minimise partner/alliance risk
  • Strategic risk advisory and cyber architecture
  • Building ecosystem resilience

Trusted cyber security partner to leading New Zealand organisations.


Why Strategy and Consulting with CyberCX?


Trusted Advisors

End-to-end solutions from best strategists, industry experts and multi-disciplined consultants in the New Zealand and Australian cyber security market

Greatest force

Drawing on expertise from a network of over 1,400 cyber security professionals


Protecting and defending more than 2,000 organisations

Improve your security posture with Strategy and Consulting

Find out how CyberCX can improve your security posture with expert Strategy and Consulting to protect what matters most to your organisation.

New Zealand’s trusted
cyber security and cloud partner

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Expertise at scale

More than 1,400 cyber security and cloud professionals delivering solutions to our customers.

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Eyes on glass 24/7

Continuous monitoring of your network across our 9 advanced security operations centres globally.

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Help when you need it

The region’s largest team of incident responders handle over 250 cyber breaches per year.

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Assessing your needs

Industry-leading experts conduct more than 500 baseline security assessments per year.

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Providing credible assurance

Our exceptional team of ethical hackers conducts over 3,000 penetration tests per year.

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Training the next generation

The CyberCX Academy is training 500 cyber professionals over the next three years.


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