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CyberCX launches updated Ransomware and Cyber Extortion Best Practice Guide

3 November 2023

CyberCX has today launched its new Ransomware and Cyber Extortion Best Practice Guide, reflecting significant changes to the global cyber security landscape as businesses, organisations, and governments continue to grapple with established and emerging cyber threats.

The Guide aligns CyberCX’s insights with recommendations to empower organisations to take practical steps to prevent, respond to, and recover from cyber extortion attacks.

The Guide leads with an up-to-date assessment of the cyber threat landscape and evolving threat actor tactics, which have significantly shifted in recent times, and highlights that:

  • The impact and frequency of all forms of cyber extortion continue to increase. All organisations are at risk.
  • Cyber criminals are experimenting with “harm maximisation” tactics to increase pressure on victim organisations to pay.
  • There has been further fragmentation and diversification in the cyber extortion economy, driving specialisation, unpredictability, and more capable tradecraft.

The release of the updated Guide comes as governments and businesses from around the world gather in Washington DC for the third annual Counter Ransomware Initiative summit.

The development of the Guide has been driven by customer demand to better understand the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape, and what technical and executive teams can do together to mitigate these evolving risks.

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer, Alastair MacGibbon, said, “In an increasingly challenging and complex threat environment, it is important to create a resource that cuts through to what matters most – giving executives and professionals the tools they need to help make critical decisions.”

“This guide is underpinned by the day-in, day-out experience of our exceptional incident response and intelligence teams who support technical leads, executives, and boards as they navigate and mitigate these wicked attacks,” continued MacGibbon.

“As criminal groups have leaned into ‘harm maximisation’ tactics, leaders have better realised that cyber incidents are no longer simply IT matters.”

“This has resulted in strong demand for crisis management and strategic advisory, including crisis communications, alongside the long-establish technical response capabilities – which CyberCX proudly delivers.”




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