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CyberCX joins global Cyber Threat Alliance

Published by Cyber CX on 28 June 2023

CyberCX, a leading provider of cyber security and cloud services, has been announced as the newest member of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a global group of leading cyber security organisations working together to improve the global cyber ecosystem.

CyberCX’s participation in the Alliance represents a significant uplift in Australia and New Zealand-based cyber intelligence capability being contributed to the global group, with CyberCX just the second organisation in the Australia and New Zealand region to attain membership with CTA.

By enabling real-time sharing of cyber security information among its 36 member organisations, the Alliance aims to advance the cyber security of critical infrastructure and increase the security, availability, integrity, and efficiency of information systems across the globe.

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon said this announcement is timely given the complex cyber challenges being faced by organisations both in the Australia and New Zealand region and around the world.

“At a time when the global threat landscape continues to deteriorate, international partnerships between like-minded organisations protecting customers at the cyber frontlines will prove increasingly crucial to improve our resilience and deter emboldened threat actors.”

“The CTA serves an incredibly important mission in this context and CyberCX is proud to play our part in this global effort, strengthening the sharing of high-value, real-time threat intelligence to and from the Australia and New Zealand region,” added MacGibbon.

CyberCX Director of Cyber Intelligence Katherine Mansted said membership with the Alliance is recognition that CyberCX is generating globally valuable, relevant and unique intelligence.

“The CyberCX Intelligence team is a uniquely Australia and New Zealand focused capability, with unparalleled visibility into the Australia and New Zealand cyber threat landscape. We’re thrilled to now be sharing our uniquely sourced intelligence and research with like-minded organisations across the globe.”

“Importantly, CyberCX’s representation in the CTA will also be enormously beneficial for our customers across Australia and New Zealand, who will gain greater visibility of the global cyber threat landscape as we access real-time intelligence from our Alliance partners,” added Mansted.

The Alliance’s membership includes many of the largest organisations in the global cyber security landscape, including Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, Cisco, McAfee, and AT&T Alien Labs.

“We are excited to have CyberCX join the Alliance,” said Michael Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cyber Threat Alliance.

“As an Australian company, it will provide unique insights from that region, and its contributions to CTA will enhance our shared data. Their enthusiasm and engagement will also add to the global trust community CTA is building.”




About CyberCX 

CyberCX is the leading provider of end-to-end cyber security and cloud services. With a workforce of 1,400 cyber security professionals, CyberCX is a trusted partner to private and public sector organisations, helping customers confidently manage cyber risk, respond to incidents, and build resilience in an increasingly complex and challenging threat environment.


About Cyber Threat Alliance

CTA was founded by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Cisco, Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, and Symantec, Enterprise Division of Broadcom. Membership also includes AT&T Alien Labs, Blueliv, Cloudbric, CUJO AI, CyberCX, Dragos, Gen, Juniper Networks, K7 Computing, Maltiverse, NEC Corporation, NETSCOUT, Nozomi Networks, NTT, OneFirewall, Panda Security (WatchGuard), Rapid7, Red Piranha, ReversingLabs, SANDS Lab, Scitum, SecureBrain (Hitachi), SecurityScorecard, SK shieldus, SonicWall, Sophos, TEHTRIS, Telefónica Tech, and Yoroi.

CTA is the industry’s first formally organized nonprofit group of cybersecurity practitioners that work together in good faith to share threat information and improve global defenses against advanced cyber adversaries. CTA’s mission is to facilitate the sharing of actionable intelligence and situational awareness about sophisticated cyber threats to improve its members’ cyber defenses, more effectively disrupt malicious cyber actors around the world and raise the level of cybersecurity throughout the Internet and cyberspace. The alliance is continuing to grow on a global basis, enriching both the quantity and quality of the information that is being shared across the platform. CTA is actively recruiting additional regional players to enhance information sharing to enable a more secure future for all.


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