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CyberCX drives US growth and investment plans with senior executive appointment

CyberCX has appointed leading cyber security executive, Larry Letow, to drive its US expansion with plans for a dedicated security operations centre and further investment.

Melbourne, Thursday 29 August 2021

CyberCX, Australia and New Zealand’s leading cyber security services provider, is committed to rapidly growing its capability and presence in the United States. The announcement of Larry Letow to the role of President, CyberCX United States, is a clear strategic move for the company, and the first in what is expected to be a series of high-profile recruits for CyberCX across the US.

A pure-play cyber company, CyberCX has established a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand, with the largest dedicated cyber security workforce across the region, offering a comprehensive end-to-end capability. CyberCX is building on that sovereign capability by scaling its services to customers across enterprise and government in the $34 billion US cyber security services market.

CyberCX CEO John Paitaridis said expanding the company’s US leadership and footprint is a strategic priority, “CyberCX already has an established presence in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have the largest dedicated cyber security workforce across Australia and New Zealand and are growing rapidly in the US and UK. We are committed to investing further to build our capabilities, resources and facilities to support our US customers.

“This announcement reinforces our intent to drive global expansion, with a focus on creating the largest private sector cyber security capability across the ‘Five Eyes’ countries. Our mission is to secure our communities and protect and defend our enterprise and government customers from threat actors and cybercrime.”

CyberCX’s pure-play cyber offering has been developed by some of the world’s leading corporate and cyber security leaders. CyberCX US President Larry Letow will lead the country’s strategy and operations supported by CEO John Paitaridis, who was formerly the Managing Director of Optus Business, Admiral Michael Rogers (retd.), former Director of the National Security Agency and member of CyberCX’s Global Advisory Board, and Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon, previously Australia’s National Cyber Security Adviser.

In a threat landscape that continues to intensify and increase in complexity, CyberCX’s purpose is to secure communities and defend businesses, enterprises and government agencies from global and local cyber threats. Operating in a region that is at the centre of geo-strategic and cyber security contest, CyberCX offers a unique focus on both risk and technology, a key differentiation from existing players in the market. With 24/7 security operations centres located across all key strategic geographies and timezones, CyberCX provides leading threat intelligence insights and a ‘follow-the-sun’ capability.

CyberCX US President Larry Letow said, “There is clear and strong demand for advisory and services from an independent cyber security organisation. US firms are looking for a trusted partner with expertise in the regions where clear and persistent threats are emanating.

“CyberCX is expanding its US platform to deliver end-to-end cyber security services, supported by investment in systems, processes, tools and a centralised support structure that enables our frontline teams to focus on what they do best – deliver great services to valued customers.”

Letow has been involved in the technology and cyber security industry for over 30 years, serving in both commercial organisations and federal agencies. In addition to a variety of executive roles, he serves on a range of boards including, CyberMaryland, State of Maryland Cyber Task Force, National Cyber Security Hall of Fame, Towson University Board of Visitors and University Systems of Maryland Foundation Board.

CyberCX has offices in the United States (New York and Maryland), United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


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