CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

Strategy and Consulting

Business Enablement

Align delivery to your organisation’s business strategy. We lead end to end project delivery, assist with the transformation to new ways of working with agile adoption, as well as linking Cyber Security strategy to broader business outcomes.

Working alongside industry leaders in the New Zealand and Australian cyber security market, we provide local skills and knowledge, backed by a global reach and global clients.

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Benefits of Business Enablement

Align delivery to strategy

  • Connect and reduce silos – we help to align the organisation based on strategic priorities.
  • Visualise all work and ensure value contribution to strategic outcomes.

Accelerate delivery

  • Deliver in smaller increments, inspecting and adapting regularly, with the customer front of mind.
  • Delivering the right projects at the right time to ensure the best return on investment.

Unique Skills

  • Team of delivery experts, with the right mix of skills to add value at all levels of an organisation.​
  • Working together with industry leading cyber security specialists to link cyber security strategy to broader business outcomes.

Our Solutions

Agile Consulting and Delivery

We help clients build and mature organisational agility. We guide you through an implementation approach that increases speed of delivery, improves productivity, lifts staff engagement and ensures alignment between strategy and execution. Our Agile coaching and implementation services provide customers with experienced practitioners that are focused on helping our clients grow internal capability and maturity at all levels.

Business Challenge:
Organisational Alignment: Many organisations experience disconnect between what staff are working on and the business objectives. By connecting and reducing silos we align the organisation based on strategic priorities.

Customer Satisfaction and Time to Market: Many businesses are struggling with long delivery cycles and irregular check ins resulting in poor visibility of customer needs. Incremental delivery helps us build a solution with your customer front of mind.

Our approach:
Implementing agile is not just a delivery problem. We look at organisational structure and maturity of delivery teams, to ensure a right-sized approach.

From large scale transformation, through to individual roles and training, we understand that no client is the same and we will work in your unique environment, offering a hands-on approach, transferring knowledge and skills along the way.

Agile Training

Our Trainers are all hands-on practitioners who use the local and international knowledge and examples to really ‘bring the training to life’. We don’t just teach the theory; we help you understand how to apply the theory to enable success within your own business environment.

Business Challenge:
Building Internal Capability: An essential element to new ways of working is building new skills and capability internally. Training needs to be timed appropriately for staff to apply it.

Unrelatable Training: Organisations have their unique ways to apply agility, but training is often textbook and creates frustration and misalignment.

Our approach:
Our training is adapted to your environment, and we understand and apply what is important with our customised and practical training approach.

Our face-to-face courses provide a network, a connection and informative learning environment. We do run virtual courses as well, and this is adaptive to support remote working.

Project Delivery Services

We cover key delivery needs: PMO Consulting, Programme / Project Management, Project Coordination, Business Analysis.

Business Challenge:
Increasing demand for change: Businesses are facing increased need to keep up with the rapidly changing digital world; driving a significant increase the delivery of technology and business change.

Disconnect between security and delivery: Our project team ensure cyber security considerations are made at the earliest possible point in solution development and product implementations, helping deliver security by design.

Our approach:
Our project professionals will work seamlessly with your team, providing expert advice to ensure efficiency of your project delivery.

Bringing extensive experience in Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid delivery; our project professionals are certified in both PRINCE 2 and Scaled Agile frameworks.

PMO Consulting

Regain visibility and assurance over your delivery pipeline. Partner with us to review, advise on, or develop the appropriate processes, frameworks and governance, for your projects.

Business Challenge:
Inconsistencies in how projects and programmes are prioritised, planned, delivered and tracked lead to two major business challenges:

Lack of visibility within and across projects resulting in key stakeholders not having the insights to facilitate informed decisions to keep things on track.

Lack of alignment to strategy; are organisations completing the right projects at the right time to ensure the best return on investment.

Our approach:
Our PMO consulting services can be applied at any level of an organisation, whether for a specific project, across a department or enterprise wide.

Specialising in both Waterfall and Agile delivery we believe in partnering with our clients, building trust and respect and sharing knowledge to achieve real outcomes.


Business Case Development

We provide expert independent assurance and advice to help organisations develop strong business cases.

Business Challenge:
Building a compelling case for change: Organisations can see the future state they need to move to but funding constraints and complexity to source capital is a major barrier to accelerating the change.

Complexity of better business case process: The better business case is an excellent but complex process to navigate. Expertise in developing cases is often hard to find at the right time and place. We have helped both public and private organisations source over ½ billion in new Capital and Opex.

Our approach:
Using our understanding of the problem identified, we work with organisations to develop the business case in an iterative and adaptive way, based on continuous learning and feedback from key internal and external stakeholders.

Our team of experts can work with existing client templates, provide our own templates, or follow the Better Business Case process.

Why Business Enablement with CyberCX?

Exceptional talent

We only employ the best expertise – people who have the talent, passion and experience to help our clients; and who understand that our success comes from your success.

Partnership Model

We operate a one team approach across our business, clients and third parties. We work together in teams and across teams, with the knowledge that our collective talent is key to delivery success.


We have a proven history of working across public and private sector; including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, Z Energy, Callaghan Innovation, Worksafe, BNZ, Department of Internal Affairs, Treasury.

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