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Penetration Testing

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Assessment 

Identify the attack surface area of an organisation, both from a technical and human perspective.


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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Assessment


Benefits of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Assessments


An organisation might seek to use an OSINT assessment to gather specific technical details or vulnerabilities about their systems or infrastructure that are publicly accessible. This helps in identifying potential security weaknesses, understanding the external perception of their technical footprint, and proactively addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

The benefits include fortifying cybersecurity defences, mitigating risks associated with exposed technical information, and enhancing overall resilience against potential cyber threats.


Vulnerability identification

This assists in discovering and addressing potential security weaknesses or vulnerabilities in public-facing systems or infrastructure.

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Enhanced security posture

Provides insights into how an organisation’s technical assets appear externally, enabling proactive measures to fortify defences and reduce attack surfaces.

Risk mitigation

Allows for pre-emptive actions to mitigate risks associated with exposed information, reducing the likelihood of cyber threats or attacks.

Early threat detection

Enables the identification of potential threats or indicators of compromise, aiding in early detection and response to security incidents.


What is an Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Assessment

An OSINT Assessment identifies the attack surface area of an organisation, both from a technical and human perspective. This assessment provides information that is available to an attacker, that could be easily accessible anywhere in the world.

At CyberCX, an OSINT assessment comprises gathering, analysing, and validating publicly available data to derive actionable intelligence, offering insights into potential cyber threats. Its benefit lies in providing valuable, timely information that supports informed decisions, risk assessments, and proactive measures based on comprehensive external data sources.

  • What publicly accessible technical details or configurations about systems, applications, or infrastructure might pose security risks if exploited?
  • Could this identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses in an organisations public-facing assets that attackers might exploit?
  • Are there inadvertent leaks of sensitive information about your organisation’s systems or software in public sources?

An OSINT assessment aids organisations by uncovering potential security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in publicly accessible systems or infrastructure, enabling proactive measures to fortify defences and reduce the risk of cyber threats stemming from exposed information. It provides invaluable insights into an organisation’s external technical footprint, empowering informed decision-making to strengthen cybersecurity measures and pre-emptively address potential risks or vulnerabilities.


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