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Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing


Mobile applications provide convenient ways to engage customers, manage field staff and interact with businesses and government. Ensuring your mobile applications are secure requires specialist testing capabilities.


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Mobile Application Penetration Testing


Benefits of Mobile Application Penetration Testing


The mobile application penetration testing team at CyberCX has a scale and depth of experience that is unrivalled. Our flexible approach ensures testing activities align with your organisation’s unique circumstances to achieve desired outcomes. Our certified testers adopt industry-best practice methodologies, coordinate closely with clients to avoid disruption, whilst protecting the integrity of data.

Achieve greater awareness

Gain a holistic view of the strengths and weaknesses in your mobile environment and an awareness of the consequences should an attacker effectively break into your mobile applications.

Prioritise application improvements

Drive improvements in mobile application quality by using the report remediation recommendations, categorised by criticality and importance.

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Enhance reputation

With independent testing, customers, staff and commercial partners will have confidence interacting with your organisation, as you will be able to demonstrate that you actively take measures to safeguard data.

Reduce risk

Insecure mobile applications pose a significant risk to the integrity of your systems and business-critical data. Effective testing ensures you will be able to strengthen your security posture, thus reducing the risk of compromise.


What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?


For many organisations, mobile applications are now considered business-critical channels. Increasingly, organisations are adopting a ‘mobile first’ approach to market due to the many advantages derived from increased consumer convenience. Furthermore, they are now widely viewed as indispensable tools for use by field staff, contractors and suppliers.

Mobile application penetration testing is an essential activity that enhances your cyber resilience, helps you avoid disruption and protects your critical information. A penetration testing partner with specialist mobile expertise will rapidly identify security vulnerabilities and provide pragmatic remediation options.

  • Is your organisation deferring mobile application deployment because of security concerns?
  • Would you benefit from expert guidance in navigating the specialist security considerations associated with mobile application development?
  • Are you seeking ways to mitigate the risks, both financial and reputational, associated with mobile application breaches?

Specialist mobile application penetration testing can assist your organisation with all these outcomes and more.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing overview


Mobile application penetration testing is a specialist activity that validates the security controls of your mobile applications and identifies vulnerabilities for remediation.

Our team of specialist penetration testers’ goal is to identify security flaws in custom written mobile applications, its interaction with the device platform (Android/iOS), the communication between the application and the server-side systems (API’s, Web Applications etc.), as well as broader interaction with the corporate or consumer ecosystems that control authentication, authorisation and mobile device management.

The focus is not only on testing security controls that have been applied, but also on identifying faults and weaknesses that the developers or architects may have been unaware of or overlooked.

A mobile application penetration test will provide you detailed reports that identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses detected. These will be prioritised according to criticality. You will also receive recommended remediation activities so you can take steps to strengthen the security of your mobile applications and safeguard your organisation’s critical information.

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