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Security Testing and Assurance

Industry contributions


CyberCX’s Security testing and Assurance team are dedicated to leading the global market in innovative security testing and assurance, while nurturing the industry’s most skilled consultants to secure our communities.

Security Testing and Assurance – Industry Contributions




Shofe Miraz

Organisation and coordination for Hack and Learn monthly InfoSec meetup

David Sowerbutts, KS Lam, Liam O’Brien, Fletcher Creed

Facilitated the Lockpicking Village at CrikeyCon


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An open-source self-hosted purple team management web application.


Turn your Snaffler output into a nice searchable and sortable interface.

Email Spoof Check  

Audit your domain’s SPF and DMARC configuration.


A tool designed to hook into Windows applications and output named (and anonymous?) pipe traffic.

Pipe Client Impersonation Server

Creates a malicious named pipe server that impersonates connecting clients and executes arbitrary commands under their security context.

Jailbreak/Root Detection Bypass in Flutter

Frida script designed to bypass security checks that are implemented using the IOSSecuritySuite module in iOS applications and Rootbear in Android Applications.

Virtual Wireless Lab

A series of different lab exercies with the aim to teach the fundamentals around pentesting of 802.11 networks.

Conditional Match and Replace 

A Burp extension allowing you to create match and replace operations that execute only when a condition is matched.

NSEC(3) Walker

Automates extracting DNS zones akin to an AXFR zone transfer or a “zone dump”.

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