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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Digital Forensic Investigation Services

As part of CyberCX’s Digital Forensic Investigation Services, we provide 3 main offerings:

  • Investigate theft of confidential information
  • Company and employee investigations
  • Fraud and financial crime investigations

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Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Scope of services

Investigate theft of confidential information

Theft of confidential information is one of the most common matters we investigate, with a very high degree of success.

Most cases are identified when employees leave an organisation to work for a competing business, however they can also involve disgruntled employees, personal grievances, industrial action, media leaks, misuse of information by contractors and even disclosure for criminal gain.

We find that disclosure most often occurs through personal email accounts, removable USB devices, backup drives and online cloud services, but we also consider traditional methods such as printing, scanning or photocopying.

A forensic approach to investigation is important to ensure that all evidence sources are properly identified and secured, that the integrity of valuable metadata is preserved and to overcome attempts by offenders to cover their tracks.

The result of our work usually leads to successful disciplinary or legal action, preventing further disclosure and obtaining remedies from individuals and organisations that disclosed or used the confidential information.


Company and employee investigations

Most organisations will occasionally experience incidents that require investigating the actions of employees or contractors, such as breach of company policies, negligence of duty, misuse of computer systems, misconduct, bullying, harassment, safety breaches or other issues.

These issues can occur at all levels of staff, management and external contractors. Although such incidents are quite common, many organisations don’t realise that a person’s actions can be reconstructed in great detail using digital artefacts from a wide range of data sources.

A forensic approach is important to ensure evidence is properly secured and thoroughly analysed, leading to a conclusive investigation. Findings also need to be described in clear and simple terms, to precisely convey what level of proof the evidence provides.


Fraud and financial crime investigations

We have many years of experience investigating fraud and financial crime, including misappropriation of funds, manipulation of accounts, contractor and payroll fraud, bribery, corruption and identity theft.

Some examples of electronic evidence that we’ve uncovered in fraud cases include:

  • Forging documents including contracts, invoices, timesheets, receipts, expenses, management approvals and even wills
  • Manipulation of electronic records including email messages, payroll entries, bank account details and transaction records
  • Use of electronic messaging to communicate elements of the fraud, including email, voicemail, mobile phones and Internet messaging
  • Use of Internet search engines and web sites to research the fraudulent activity, transfer information, check bank accounts and other online transactions
  • Manipulation of hard copy documents using photocopiers, scanners, printers and fax machines.

Our forensic approach can provide indisputable evidence of a person’s fraudulent actions, allowing our clients to respond confidently to recover their losses and repair the damage performed.

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