CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response Services

As part of CyberCX’s Cyber Incident Response Services, we provide 3 main offerings:

  • Cyber breach investigations
  • Expert analysis and evidence
  • E-discovery and litigation support

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Cyber Incident Response Services

Scope of services

Cyber breach investigations

We apply solid experience, advanced tools and techniques and a strong understanding of attacker methodologies to reconstruct critical steps of the cyber ‘kill chain’ from initial exploitation to privilege escalation, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Our experience ranges from common ‘smash and grab’ style SQL injections that steal financial information from websites, right up to sophisticated, state-backed attackers lurking on corporate networks and carefully exfiltrating valuable intellectual property for months before detection.

Our approach to cyber incident response combines several leading edge capabilities:

  • Deployment of powerful endpoint sensors to detect ongoing malicious activities
  • Leveraging global threat intelligence to better understand attack methodologies
  • Collection of both live and static forensic data across network environments
  • Forensic analysis for malicious activities and indicators of compromise (IOCs)
  • Developing custom IOCs and scanning networks for other infected hosts
  • Vulnerability scanning to identify known weaknesses and help remediation
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Liaison with law enforcement and other external agencies for assistance.

Our multi-faceted approach provides visibility of attacker actions both retrospectively and going forwards, to help organisations clearly understand how their systems were compromised, what the attackers did and how the organisation should respond.


Expert analysis and evidence

We are often relied upon to provide expert evidence in legal and other proceedings, including:

  • Case assessment, review of other expert reports and advice on potential avenues of further technical investigation
  • Assisting with the preparation of legal submissions, search applications, court orders and questions for expert reports and examination
  • Evidence collection using specialist forensic tools and methods, adhering to industry standards for maintaining evidentiary integrity
  • Forensic analysis to reconstruct user and system activities relevant to legal issues
  • Provision of expert reports and testimony in proceedings, in compliance with relevant expert witness codes of conduct
  • Briefing lawyers and counsel in preparation for legal proceedings.

E-discovery and litigation support

Why pay “per GB” for electronic discovery services when you should only be paying for the actual effort required?

We combine expert technical knowledge, a rigorous forensic approach, proven experience and a true “fee for service” pricing model to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective e-discovery services available.

We can perform both simple and complex data collection with a suite of forensic tools and methods. We employ powerful e-discovery platforms to rapidly process, analyse, filter and search vast quantities of data.

We also provide simplified, hosted legal review on our in-house review platform, which clients can access securely across the Internet, including full case management and user training.

And since our services are not based on “per GB” revenue models, our clients only pay for the actual effort we spend.


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