CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

Annual Threat Assessment

The Annual Threat Assessment provides valuable insights, predictions and recommendations regarding the threat landscape across Australia and New Zealand.

The CyberCX Annual Threat Assessment features unique insights and key trends in the threat landscape across Australia and New Zealand, and predictions for how the behaviour of cyber criminals and nation-state actors will evolve in the year ahead.

The Annual Threat Assessment addresses the need for regionally specific analysis informed by a deep understanding of the evolving issues being faced by Australian and New Zealand organisations.

Drawing on CyberCX’s market-leading cyber intelligence capability, the assessment details how threat actors have leveraged COVID-19 to their advantage, the escalating risk of business email compromise and the increasing sophistication of ransomware campaigns.

The Threat Assessment includes a deep dive analysis of ransomware groups that have been highly active in the ANZ region, with the CyberCX Cyber Intelligence team observing a clear shift to data extortion tactics by these threat actors – a trend that is predicted to accelerate in the year ahead.

The Threat Assessment also provides a range of strategic and technical recommendations for how organisations across Australia and New Zealand can improve their cyber security posture going forward, including response planning, education and awareness, and smarter vulnerability management.

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