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How do we maintain the security of our office locations and networks assets, while we are all at home? How can we best close open ports, or decommission SIDS/wifi (if possible) the best way?

Mark Hofman Answered by Mark Hofman, Chief Technology Officer, CyberCX

Good question. I’d like to think that the physical security for the environment is sufficient and network devices are already secured in rooms or secure cabinets. That of course does not alleviate the risk of a device being plugged into the network port on the floor or a wireless network being accessed. If you already have Network Access Control (NAC) Capabilities, then these will perform equally well during this period.  Wireless networks likewise if they are appropriately secured already, then this period of empty offices should not present a big challenge.  Where these are not in place, there are a few things you can do. WIFI systems can be switched off or the configuration changed so it can not be accessed.  Network ports can also be disabled to prevent them being used.  Depending on your physical security you may only need to do this in your public areas.

For physical security we requested the building owner lock the floor during the day.  Whilst our offices are always locked this stops people from accessing the floors and helps secure the environment further.

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