CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

CyberCX Cyber Dialogue: In conversation with Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) and Alastair MacGibbon

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon is joined by Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) for an in-depth conversation about key trends in the global cyber security threat landscape, predictions for how the behaviour of cyber criminals and nation-state actors will evolve in the year ahead and the latest findings from the CyberCX Annual Threat Assessment.

Mike was a four-star Admiral who served under Presidents Obama and Trump, headed the US National Security Agency, commanded the US Cyber Command and was chief of the Central Security Service.

He has a unique understanding of the world’s most advanced cyber security technologies and tactics, an intimate knowledge of international threat actors and behaviours, and deep insights into how geopolitical security trends are impacting public and private organisations.

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