CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

CyberCX cloud security series Risk management in a cloud world

Cloud computing is not simply a technology. It can be a cornerstone of digital transformation and can deliver fundamental changes to how businesses operate. Speed and agility are clear advantages but managing risk and achieving good governance in a cloud enabled world does require a different mindset.

CyberCX’s Chief Marketing Officer, Shannon Lane, hosts a wide-ranging discussion between Microsoft Australia’s National Security Officer, Mark Anderson and CyberCX’s Director of Security Testing and Assurance, Simon Treadaway.

With such rapid change in this space, this discussion explores how you can gain trust in a cloud world. Many of the risks, vulnerabilities and misconceptions around cloud technology will be examined including:

– The proliferation of cloud services
– ‘Security of the cloud’ vs ‘Security in the cloud’: where are the new lines drawn?
– Where do the lines of trust and shared responsibility intersect?
– The importance of data locality
– Government regulation: how should we think differently about cloud security and risk?

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