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How cyber resilient is your business?

Stress-test and improve your organisation’s ability to respond to cyber incidents with immersive and experiential learning.


How cyber resilient is your business?

Building resilience

In an increasingly challenging cyber threat environment, it has never been more important for business leaders to ensure they are effectively managing cyber risk. A critical component of this risk management is building resilience into your organisation’s people, process and technology.

Cyber resilience starts at the top – executives and directors need to know how they will be able to effectively respond in a crisis situation.

Once a breach occurs, it’s how people respond and the decisions they make that determine the length of downtime and the effects of an attack, including customer exposure and reputational damage.

There is no way to completely remove all cyber risk from your business. The key is to build resilience through regular crisis-simulation exercises, partnering with an operationally informed cyber expert like CyberCX.

Marie Knights
CyberCX CCET Consultant

CyberCX simulation services

A cyber resilient organisation can confidently respond and recover from the most challenging of cyber incidents by being adequately prepared, having an effective incident response plan in place, and honing the crisis decision-making skills of their senior leaders.

CyberCX provides education and training solutions for executives and business leaders, backed by years of experience in learning and development, and our unique understanding of the Australian operating context.

Develop cyber security resilience for your board and C-suite, and bolster the technical security skills of your operations, development and management teams, with education and training tailored to you.

Board and Executive Decision-Making Exercise

Cyber security is a primary business risk that demands a comprehensive Board and Executive focus.

Board and Executive Crisis Simulations

Leverage intelligence from our Incident Responders to mature your cyber resiliency.

Cyber Incident Response Exercises

Cyber Intelligence informed tabletop simulations of plausible attack scenar.

Active Simulations

Immersive learning solutions including Cyber Ranges, Adversary and Defence Simulations through to business-wide response to a Cyber Incident.

How cyber resilient is your business?

Business Outcomes

  • With operationally informed storylines, reflect on how specific cyber incidents would impact your organisation.
  • Develop insight into how your organisation would respond in a similar situation.
  • Improve individual and team performance, including insight to the speed, effectiveness and confidence of decisions and actions taken under pressure.
  • Determine the adequacy of your current solutions, communication frameworks and protocols for handling cyber crisis.

CyberCX capabilities you can rely on

Unmatched experience

Cyber security specialists with combined decades of industry experience and award-winning learning and development design.

Dedicated expertise

Expertise delivering context-rich training and education across industry, higher education, the military and intelligence.

Relevant Metrics

Provide objective data point metrics which are customised to your organisation’s specific business metrics.

Scalable value

Recommendations are the first step to understanding workforce capability. With this information, organisations can fast track growth with targeted cyber development.

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