CyberCX Annual AppSec Hackathon

Australia & New Zealand

What to expect from the
2020 CyberCX Annual AppSec Hackathon

Education and Training


This event is tailored for information security managers, cyber security professionals, code developers and students looking to test their skills and identify knowledge gaps. This hands-on cyber security challenge is designed to offer participants practical real-world learning to develop skills.

Education and Training

Real World Scenarios

The challenges involve real websites with simulated traffic, technologies and vulnerabilities that represent actual application behaviours. Unmatched realism delivers long-term benefits that “learning by doing” provides to teams that protect your enterprise.

Education and Training

Virtual Experience

Going beyond the standard approach, we offer virtual guidance to ensure that you and your team make the most out of this training event. Connect virtually with colleagues and peers in this team building opportunity, not to mention the prizes and bragging rights for the winners.

Feedback from previous Hackathons


” Amazing people and challenges.
Highly recommended for anyone interested in penetration testing. “

” Great event will be looking to attend next year. “

” It was fun and interesting, more so than I expected.
The level of challenges seemed good, some for beginners and scaling up with experience and skill and I really like the whole format of it was like a video game… “

” Great work! Loved it! “

” I had a great time doing the hackathon, thanks very much for putting on the event! ???? 

” It was a blast. I had a great time and if I can attend again I’ll play again with more experience. “

” Challenges were great with a variety of difficulty and explored common OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Great way for hands-on learning. “