CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

Enterprise Wide Cyber Security Training

Boardroom to Basement

Uplift the cyber awareness and skills of everyone in your organisation with a fully customisable training program

Each organisation is unique. Each has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges.

With our customised Security Awareness Training Program (SATP), your organisation will benefit from tailor-made training modules designed to address your specific requirements.

You’ll be able to build general cyber security know-how, develop skills and uplift capability across your entire organisation with industry-leading education and training to help meet your learning and development requirements.

The case for a Human-Centric cyber security approach

Technology is only one dimension of your organisation’s cyber security risk.

Adversaries are adapting their techniques to exploit the weakest element in your environment. Invariably, this relates to the most valuable asset in your organisation – your people.

With the number of breaches, and their associated costs, escalating each year, it’s more important than ever to equip all your employees with the skills they need to help keep your organisation secure. However, providing the right knowledge, pitched at the right level, can be a challenge.

Many solutions don’t account for your entire workforce. That’s why systematic, consistent, cyber security training is one of the best investments your organisation can make.

CyberCX will develop a fully-customised training program that’s suitable for every level in your organisation, helping you meet your cyber security goals.

Enterprise Wide Cyber Security Training

CyberCX specialises in developing, facilitating and managing customised security awareness training programs.

Our ‘whole-of-business’ approach engages all levels of personnel in your organisation including:

  • Executives
  • General staff including Finance and HR
  • IT, Code Development and Cyber Security teams
  • Technology users

As every organisation has unique requirements, we adopt a flexible approach. Starting with extensive stakeholder consultations, we examine your current cyber maturity level, any existing security policies and training initiatives, as well as any regulatory or compliance requirements. We then design and develop a customised program for your organisation that includes the right combination of workshops, to help you achieve your cyber security goals.

Key activities undertaken in this phase include:

Discovery meetings with key stakeholders

your organisation’s security awareness maturity level

Delivery of Assessment report

Design and development of the program

Elements of an actionable plan may include:

  • Board level cyber security foundations and briefings
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) across all disciplines
  • Phishing Awareness Training and Simulation
  • General Security Awareness Training
  • Gamified Cyber Risk Modelling
  • Gamified Denial of Service resilience exercises
  • Attack and respond scenarios through Purple Team exercises
  • Incident Response training
  • Supply Chain attack simulations
  • Secure Development programs

Why Education and Training with CyberCX?

Expertise delivering context-rich training and education across industry, higher education, government, military and intelligence

Dedicated program managers to coordinate planning, training activities and improvement tracking


Solutions purpose-built to deliver results by helping acquire, retain, develop and enhance knowledge, skills and understanding

Highly flexible options and delivery methods designed to deliver the right training in the right way

Highly qualified and globally recognised cyber security trainers and experts

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