CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 

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Mark Hofman

Chief Technology Officer

For over 25 years, Mark has been a trusted cyber security advisor to both public and private sector organisations. He has been at the forefront of implementing technological solutions to some of the biggest cyber security challenges. He understands the importance of aligning an organisation’s technology strategy with its broader objectives. Adopting the right technological capabilities enables an organisation to develop strong cyber resilience.

Phil Kernick

Chief Security Officer

Phil has an abiding commitment to helping organisations safeguard their information assets through the implementation of effective cyber security strategies and architecture. As an information security thought-leader for over 25 years, Phil has produced extensive research documents, whitepapers and videos with the aim of increasing public awareness around cyber threats. He always looks for innovative solutions to ensure organisations can address their cyber security needs.

Jason Edelstein

Chief Technology Officer
Sense of Security, A CyberCX Company

It’s often the simplest things overlooked by an organisation that make them vulnerable to a cyber breach. That’s the lesson Jason has sought to instil in clients for over 25 years. By adopting an expansive understanding of cyber security, that includes both technical and physical considerations, clients can achieve a much stronger defensive posture and more robust cyber resilience.

Murray Goldschmidt

Chief Operating Officer
Sense of Security, A CyberCX Company

An awareness of cyber risk is essential in every organisation, from the boardroom to the basement. That’s been the guiding principle driving Murray for over 17 years. As a trusted advisor on cyber risk management to government and the private sector, he understands that every individual in an organisation plays a vital role in risk mitigation. Achieving cyber resilience requires aligning the right strategies, with appropriate technologies and skills, alongside comprehensive policies and procedures.

Damian Grace

General Manager
Phriendly Phishing, A CyberCX Company

As a leading penetration tester for over a decade, Damian realised that technical solutions are only part of the answer when it comes to cyber security. Attackers increasingly exploit human error to infect computer systems with malicious software. That’s why Damian turned his attention to developing Phriendly Phishing – the ground-breaking platform that trains staff with the skills to effectively identify and block dangerous phishing attempts.

Nick Klein

Managing Director
Klein and Co., A CyberCX Company

With over 20 years’ experience responding to breaches, leading digital forensic investigations and providing expert evidence in hundreds of legal proceedings, Nick and his team understand damage limitation like few others. Serving with the Australian Federal Police, and in the private sector, Nick led investigations into high-profile cyber breaches, involving fraud, corruption, employee misconduct, IP theft and hacking. He is also a Certified Instructor with the SANS Institute and teaches advanced digital forensics and incident response to students globally.

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