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Essential Eight​

Improve your organisation’s cyber security posture by adopting the Essential Eight series of mitigations, as recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and required for specific industry sectors.​


ACSC Essential Eight

The Essential Eight (E8)

The Essential Eight (E8) are a series of mitigations taken from the larger Strategies document that ACSC identify as one of the most effective approaches to making it harder for adversaries to compromise systems.​​

As an end-to-end cyber security specialist, CyberCX is well placed to assist your organisation in understanding, implementing and maintaining the comprehensive suite of controls set out in the ACSC’s Essential Eight.​

Deploy effective controls to mitigate cyber security incidents.

Plan and implement with success

​Successfully identify the steps required to achieve meaningful security uplift via the Essential Eight controls for your organisation.

Move beyond a checkbox​

​CyberCX will help ensure your implemented Essential Eight controls are not only implemented but are tailored and fit for purpose for your organisation. ​​

Monitor and report with confidence​

​​CyberCX will track, measure and ensure reporting requirements are handled throughout your Essential Eight journey.​

Supporting your Essential Eight journey ​

Advanced threats use specific tactics, techniques and procedures to compromise public and private sector organisations. To address the threat, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed the “Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents” – a prioritised list of mitigation strategies designed to assist organisations in protecting their systems and infrastructure.​ The Essential Eight are a set of priority mitigations taken from the larger strategies list as the most effective controls to make it harder for attackers to compromise systems.​​

We can help you understand how the Essential Eight applies to your organisation, how to meet specific maturity levels and execute and achieve them.​

Post-implementation, our services capability can assist your organisation in maintaining the Essential Eight controls and support any reporting / compliance obligations.​

Introducing E8 Managed Controls​

CyberCX understands the importance of robust, maintained and monitored controls deployments for your end-user devices. ​

​Our Essential Eight Managed Controls service offers organisations an accelerator to achieving E8 compliance by addressing the complex end-user workstation issues. In many organisations, end user systems are inconsistently patched, and implementation of effective application control has proved challenging. It is also intertwined with numerous other challenges including administrative access being inconsistently applied along with policy management complexities. ​

The service leverages the power of Airlock Digital and Devicie to address the majority of the E8 controls for your end user workstation fleet and helps speed up time to compliance and reduce management toil over time.

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CyberCX Managed Controls capabilities include:​

  • Application Control, including block resolution. ​
  • Patching of third-party applications and Operating Systems. ​
  • Streamlined policy management for Microsoft Office Macro hardening. ​
  • Policy controls for applications and Standard Operating Environment hardening. ​
  • Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) implementation. ​
  • On-demand Dashboard reports.​
  • Monthly / Quarterly review of Multi-Factor Authentication implementation and coverage.


Download E8 Managed Controls PDF

Our Solutions

Strategic Advice ​

​Understand your current Essential Eight maturity level, effectiveness of existing controls and determine how to achieve meaningful uplifts via our Readiness Assessment service. CyberCX will work with you and your team to understand the current maturity level, effectiveness of controls and opportunities for implementation uplifts. ​

​By looking at both the processes and underlying technical controls, CyberCX can provide a clear and actionable roadmap to target maturity levels going forward.

Controls Implementation ​

​We have extensive experience in execution of controls design, development and implementation to help customers meet the Essential Eight controls against the three maturity levels. ​

Our Roadmap Implementation service helps ensure a clear journey to achieve meaningful controls implementation which meets the Essential Eight expected standards. ​

Monitoring and Reporting

We can help ensure continuous application and effectiveness of implemented controls via our continuous Essential Eight service. ​​

​We will help you track, measure and ensure critical reporting requirements are met over time as you undertake your Essential Eight journey. This includes fine tuning of control implementations, managed control services and ongoing reporting processes to reduce surprises and meet Essential Eight obligations. ​​

Why partner with CyberCX for your Essential Eight efforts?

End-to-End Capability ​

From strategic advice, planning, implementation and regulatory reporting deadlines, CyberCX can help you achieve Essential Eight maturity faster. ​

Experience and expertise ​

Specialised practitioners across multiple domains associated with E8, coupled with significant experience in advising, implementing and supporting the maintenance of E8 controls.

Trusted partners ​

CyberCX has assisted dozens or organisations with their Essential Eight journey and associated uplift programs. From discovery to assessment, we join our customers on their Essential Eight journey and help carry the load.

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