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Sense of Security is now a CyberCX company

Established in 2002, Sense of Security grew to become one of Australia’s most trusted providers of cyber resilience, information security and risk management services. With technical excellence, expert knowledge and outstanding attention to detail at the heart of its services, Sense of Security provided cyber security consulting to some of Australia’s largest companies and advised all levels of government.

In October 2019, Sense of Security joined CyberCX as a foundational member, to become the nation’s largest sovereign cyber security services provider. With this significant move, Sense of Security’s customers continue to receive the dedicated services they have come to expect whilst gaining access to CyberCX’s end-to-end cyber security capability. With its national footprint, CyberCX offers the scale and depth of expertise to ensure all organisations are able to put into practice the full spectrum of their cyber strategies.


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