CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 



Security and Compliance

Smarter outcomes in a digital world 


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Leveraging secure by design digital transformation services to help you design, build and manage secure cloud and data solutions. Stay ahead of the shift towards automation, scalability, security and resilience to help grow and accelerate your business through actionable business and data insights.


Benefits of security and compliance

Assess and review

Evaluate your environment and system designs against best practices to identify vulnerabilities and improve overall security posture. 

Cloud Security

Secure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, applications and data against theft, leakage and deletion.

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Design, assess and remediate cloud resources and processes against industry standards or internally established risk frameworks.

Remediate and design for security

Address vulnerabilities and fix identified issues to reduce and mitigate risks. 

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Managed Services

Ensure ongoing vigilance against known threats and respond to monitoring alerts with a fully managed environment. 


Cloud Security Consulting

Covering areas such as identity and access management (IDAM), networking, OS security, encryption, logging and monitoring, NAts, WAFs, capacity management, high availability, backups and DR, our specialists work with you to assess the possible solutions available based on your requirements and desired outcomes. We embed security into the design of your AWS infrastructure and applications, providing industry leading best practice to ensure that your cloud infrastructure adgeres to the highest security standards.


Cloud Security Assessments

To ensure your AWS estate is compliant with internal security policy and resources are configured to best pracice standards, we offer Cloud Security Assessments. We work with IT and business leaders to understand customer requirements while minimising risk to the organisations. Numerous configuration items are reviewed and reported, and remediation steps are taken to optimise security.


Cloud SIEM Solutions

When it comes to maintaining a secure cloud environment, log management and monitoring is a crucial component. SIEM (Security Informations and Event management) technology aims to aggregate and evaluate security events in real time, proactively and intelligently interpreting them. We have experts that are specialists in SIEM solutions and have partnered with leading industry managed security specialists to deliver end-to-end capability.


General Security Consulting

We cut our teeth in enterprise infrastructure and have an extensive background in general security consulting. We can advise on security policy, vendor selection, DecSecOps, DDOS protection, WAFs (including your won WAF), OS hardening and other security topics. By leveraging our proven expertise in cloud security consulting, your organisation can pass on the heavy lifting of security adherence to a trusted partner.



Why choose CyberCX for AWS Cloud Migration

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Digital strategy

The first steps into the cloud are often the hardest. Determining how to effectively migrate business critical systems whilst maintaining uptime, performance and security is a real challenge. Similarly, there are a wealth of business insights that can now be derived from advances in data analytics. We help organisations to define and deliver tangible, secure digital strategies.

Digital analytics platforms

The highly scalable on-demand nature of cloud has given rise to a new era of data driven decision making. Our data services team provide the full range of skills in this field from business and data analytics, governance and security, engineering and architecture to data science. Our customers can draw on our knowledge to resolve a variety of business problems from fraud detection, open banking, churn reduction, predictive analytics and virtually any other data analytics challenge.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Embrace emerging technologies to streamline business process. Our machine learning developers help customers gain much deeper insights into unstructured data such as voice, image and video. In addition, we work with aggregated datasets to build and train ML algorithms that can drastically reduce the time and effort associated with pattern and anomaly detection. There are very close interdependencies between AI/ML and the predictive analysis service offerings that can be delivered through the CyberCX secure digital transformation practice.

Cloud native engineering

We work with your security team to deliver cloud-based security controls and event driven DevSecOps techniques to ensure your security posture is maintained without slowing down innovation. We provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise via AWS. Through the adoption of DevSecOps best practices, we can provide a range of automated build, configuration and deployment services. This includes integrated security testing, monitoring and continuous compliance. We also have established relationships with leading vendors in the continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD) space.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into AWS, thinking about hybrid cloud, or migrating your entire Datacentre, CyberCX will help you get it right first time – leading to faster delivery, lower costs and managed security compliance.


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Expertise at scale

More than 1,400 cyber security and cloud professionals delivering solutions to our customers.

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Eyes on glass 24/7

Continuous monitoring of your network across our 9 advanced security operations centres globally.

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Help when you need it

The region’s largest team of incident responders handle over 250 cyber breaches per year.

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Assessing your needs

Industry-leading experts conduct more than 500 baseline security assessments per year.

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Providing credible assurance

Our exceptional team of ethical hackers conducts over 3,000 penetration tests per year.

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Training the next generation

The CyberCX Academy is training 500 cyber professionals over the next three years.